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August 2020

Knowing how something is tested is important. Having a consistent testing method is vital to ensure all opinions are based on the same criteria.

How I Create My Racket Reviews

Background Before I talk about the process, I would quickly like to talk about how I developed my process. Back in the late 1990s I was squash promotions manager for Dunlop Slazenger. One of my responsibilities was the testing of prototype rackets. I did this myself, but also by sending them to selected Dunlop professional players and contracted coaches. I developed a report format that allowed me to collate the feedback so I could report to my boss and the product development manager. The process described below is an evolution of that report format. Full Disclosure Unless otherwise stated, all the equipment I review is supplied to me free of charge. I return any equipment supplied if the manufacturer asks me to.  If the manufacturer decides to allow me to keep the equipment, I then use the rackets in videos I make and also let local players use the rackets.  I DO NOT write preferential reviews based on whether I keep the equipment or not. Affiliate Sales: NO! I DO NOT participate in any affiliate sales programs. Any links I include take you to the retailer or manufacturer directly.I DO NOT receive money in any form, from ANYBODY to write reviews.The reviews, whether they are video or text, are my honest thoughts and impressions. The Difference Between Short-Term And Mid-Term And Long-Term Tests. At the time of writing this article all my reviews have been conducted via mid-term tests. Short-Term: This is less than 30 minutes to test a racket. This may occur because I have met somebody at a tournament and don’t have long to use and evaluate the racket.Mid-Term: These tests are usually about 5 hours of use, although not in one session. I would estimate 5 sessions of about one hour is normal.Long-Term: I consider a long-term test to be 3 months or above of regular weekly or even daily use. The Testing Process I perform the…