Introduce One New Person To Squash This Year!

Whose responsibility is it to make a sport grow? National organisations, The World Squash Federation, The Professional Tour? Club coaches? Equipment manufacturers?

13 June 2022 / 3-Min Read

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Yes, all those people and groups I just mentioned do have some responsibility towards keep squash alive and growing, but you know who else could do it? YOU! That’s right, you. Of course, you don’t have any actual responsibility or duty to do that and I am not suggesting you stand on a street corner with a sign saying “TRY SQUASH – Ask Me How”, but if an opportunity arises at work, or college/university then don’t be afraid to encourage people to at least try it.

A few ladies showing their squash rackets and smiling

These ladies look like are having fun

Set An Example

What better way to do that than to offer to play with somebody. I feel that squash players are generally very friendly and I feel confident that I could walk into nearly any squash club in the world and say that I am in town for a few days and looking for a game, and would be welcomed.

Nobody is expecting you to suddenly become a coach or trainer, but offering to let somebody try squash for the first time can be like a domino effect. perhaps the person you introduce to squash loves it and then introduces it to two other people and 10 years later squash is popular again!

Two people playing squash and having fun

Take the first step to helping somebody start squash.

Set a Goal

I challenge you to introduce one new person to squash before the end of 2022. All I ask is that you spend 15 minutes with them on court, letting them hit the balls and run around a little. Then after that, if they didn’t have fun, at least you can say you tried. The more people play, the better for everybody. The more courts will be built, the easier it will be to find clubs, tournaments and opponents. Everybody benefits and all it might take is for each person who plays squash to encourage one other person per year to try it.


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Never Too Soon

So often I have heard players say “I wish I had tried squash sooner” and of course, it’s not their fault, but it’s also a shame. There are a lot of coaches, administrators and clubs that work really hard to introduce players to our wonderful sport and I honour and praise those people. But everybody has the power in their hands to take the first step and say “Hey, would you like to try squash? I’ll take you on court, if you like“.

Final Thoughts

As clichéd as it sounds, the power really is in your hands – help someone try squash today!

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