What’s The Point Of The Commonwealth Squash Doubles?

I love squash doubles, I really do. And the fact it was on TV during the Commonwealth games was great. It brought more awareness to squash in general, but…

17 August 2022 / 3-Min Read

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It was played on a proper doubles court. Which is correct and fine, but…how many of those proper doubles courts exist? I asked on Squash Stories and the only answers I got were people telling me about the ones they know about.

So here is my question: Why are we promoting a setting that is almost certainly not available for most squash players? Why not play doubles on a singles court? At least that way, if somebody sees it, they can try it.

I wonder how many other sports shown at the commonwealth have such limited availability. Showing something on TV that 99% or potential players don’t have access to seems a waste. Yes, maybe most of those people will say “Okay then, I’ll try singles”, but squash is already such a niche sport why are we making it more so?


But it could be dangerous to play doubles on a singles court.” you say. True, but doubles is not aimed at beginners anyway. Playing singles on a singles court can be dangerous if one of the players is not aware of their surroundings. Crossing the road can be dangerous if people are not aware of their surroundings!


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The Most Fun I’ve Had On A Squash Court Was Playing Doubles

Honestly, the most “fun” I had on a squash court was playing doubles. It’s such a different game, but if you are sensible and don’t hit too many crosscourts, it really isn’t dangerous. Having the “direct team experience” is something most squash players lack. I know that is inter-club squash and other team competitions, but that’s different because they are not on court with you. There’s also the point about mixed doubles, so that encourages a wider range of potential opponents.

Doubles Can Actually Help Your Singles Game

Believe it or not, playing doubles on a singles court does help your singles game – but that’s for another article one day! Sorry to tease you.

Am I Wrong?

Am I wrong? Do you see it differently? Am I missing something? I recognise that since I am no longer “Involved” in squash in the way I was when I was a professional coach, and being stuck outside of a larger squash community, my point of view might be “uninformed”. if so, feel free to correct me by sending me an email.

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