Should I wear Squash Goggles?

Yes. Allow me to explain why.

01 June 2022 / 2-Min Read

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Originally, this article was simply the word "yes" repeated over and over, interspersed with some thoughts about why wearing goggles was a good idea. I wrote it like that because I honestly feel there shouldn't be any discussion about it. You NEVER see questions like "Do I have to wear shows when I play squash?". It's such a strange question, and I feel the same can be said for goggles.


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Here are those phrases I used: every squash players should at least try them, a little discomfort is worth the protection, we wear helmets without complaining, they are not expensive, they will last for years, rackets can be replaced – not eyes, find the model that suits you, use a headband to stop them steaming up, i hope you will never need them

Two men playing squash with goggles

Everybody should wear squash goggles.

Here are some more: carry them in your squash bag, be a role model to others, offer to lend yours for people to try, ignore the naysayers, even some pros use them, why take the chance?, what are you waiting for?, go check the prices and models available, trust me, I’m a squash coach!

Final Thoughts

Eye injuries in squash are rare, but why take the chance? Wear squash goggles!

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