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June 2014

Something that has always bothered me from a refereeing perspective is the inconsistency regarding accepting players’ calls.

Refereeing Inconsistency

When a player calls his or her shot down, we applaud their honesty and accept the call without question – at least I’ve never seen any referee not accept a player’s call except me once and that caused a shit storm in that match, I can tell you. We assume that they “know best” and blindly believe them. I use blindly purposefully because often the ref can’t see that particular situation clearly – that’s why they accept the player’s call. Now, when a player says they got a ball but the referee says they didn’t, whose view is upheld? The referee’s of course. And there is the consistency. I am not suggesting that we accept players’ calls when they say they got a ball, I am saying that we never accept a player’s call. If the referee thinks a ball is good but a player calls it down, then either the referee’s decision stands or a let is played. We definitely don’t want more lets in squash, but I do want more consistency in refereeing – as I am sure you do. Video Squash Coaching from the comfort of your sofa! There will always be injustice is sports calls and matches can be won and lost on bad calls, but that doesn’t mean only referees make bad calls, so do players. Who is to say that the player isn’t wrong when they call their ball down? Replays on SquashTV often show players saying they got a ball when they didn’t. I am NOT saying they are cheating, I am highlighting how they get things wrong. I suggest we take ALL decisions out of the players’ hand and keep it in the referees. Honest players can continue to call their balls down but let’s not continue to blindly accept them