Can you play doubles on a singles squash court?

Yes, absolutely! Each player should be experienced though, so definitely no beginners. It helps if you have a good understanding of the rules related to Lets and Strokes too.

08 June 2022 / 3-Min Read / Translate

Playing doubles is so much fun. I’ve only ever played on a singles court, but at the international level and in some special locations, there are proper doubles courts. Even typing the phrase “Singles Squash Court” seems weird, but the reality is that 99% of squash courts are singles squash courts. Sports like Tennis and Badminton use the same “court”, but use different lines, squash has the same lines but a different court!

The view from the balcony of a singles squash court with a doubles match being played.

Four middle-aged, balding gentlemen having friendly double game on a singles squash court

As I said in the introduction, if you play squash doubles on a squash singles court it is important that each player has good court awareness, a safe swing and a good understanding of the basics of Lets and Strokes. I spent many happy hours playing doubles against Abbas Kaoud and his son, plus another player and not once did we have an incident.

I would recommend wearing squash goggles and being prepared to play more lets than usual though.

Two men playing squash

This is not a good swing to have in doubles

Can It Help Your Singles Game?

ABSOLUTELY. Not only is a it a great game, but being good at doubles has a direct effect on your singles game. To be good at doubles, you need to avoid hitting too many crosscourt – just like singles! You need to keep the ball tight to the side wall – just like singles! You need to use the boast as a way of getting opponents out of position – just. Like. Singles! Get the point?

The skill comes from playing great shots, not from being super fit or being a fast or great mover. Using the length of a court becomes your main focus, and by using a variety of speed and height you can develop that ability. You also develop patience, because doubles rallies rarely finish in 2 or 3 shots. Lastly, even though I said you need good court awareness, I do believe that your awareness increases from playing doubles. You HAVE to be more aware of the other players on court otherwise not only could it be dangerous, but you might also play the ball to the wrong place.

Final Thoughts

I wish it were possible for youngsters to play doubles. I honestly think it would develop into its own personality. As it is, doubles is generally played by older players or because too many players have turned up to a club night, and that’s a shame. Due to my hips and back, I will never ever play squash again, not even conditioned games, but there’s a small hope I might be able to have a friendly doubles match one day. Fingers crossed.

Doubles can be great for developing skills to move your opponent around the court. I highly recommend you try – stay safe though!

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