Can You Play Squash In The Summer?

For most players, this will seem obvious, but not for everybody. Over the years, I have been asked this question a handful of times.

22 November 2022 / 2-Min Read / Translate

Yes, you can play squash all year round. The problem is that squash developed this reputation for being a “winter sport”. I mean, technically it is because the professional circuit happens over the autumn, winter and spring seasons, with a break in the summer. But for amateur plaeyrs, playign sport should be on their own terms, not strictly following the professionals.

Here are some phrases I have heard: “The ball gets too bouncy“, “You sweat too much“, “The ball is supposed to be cold” and “In the summer, the rallies go on for too long“. And probably many more I have forgotten.

Let me be very clear: YOU CAN PLAY SQUASH ALL YEAR ROUND IF YOU WANT TO. Taking a break is a good thing though, but take that break when *you* want to.

Benefits Of Playing In The Summer

A bouncy ball is normal in squash. If you play and the ball doesn’t get bouncy, then you are using the wrong ball. Playing in summer, especially for beginners, means less effort to get the ball hot. A bouncy ball produces longer rallies because players can’t simply “dink” (hit softly) on almost every shot.

Longer rallies means your fitness increases and the chances of some great rallies also increases. Yes, it’s true you might sweat more, but as long as you drink plenty of water; before, during and after, then there’s no problem. Basically, all the things people complained about are good things.

Another point is that your body is warmer and people tend to get less injuries during the summer. I should stress that is just my experience and is not backed up by empirical evidence.

Two men playing squash as if they are on cocaine!

A bouncy ball makes for better squash

Australia, Egypt, Pakistan

It was always my contention that players from Australia, Egypt and Pakistan were more creative and adventurous than players from colder countries. Yes, the are exceptions, but I felt that playing in those countries gave the player the need to play attacking shots purely because the ball was hotter. That could be complete bunk, but I wanted to mention it.

Final Thoughts

I get a little angry when I think back to all the silly things I heard people say about squash, especially the older generation telling the younger generation their misconceptions. Traditions are important, but let’s not allow false information spoil things for today’s new players. Let me tell you my dirty little secret: I much prefer squash in the summer: I always have and always will.

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