What Is A Tweener In Squash?

This is when a player makes contact with the ball beTWEEN their legs. In general it’s a reaction shot; a shot that the player has no time to think about or plan.

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The situation is one that occurs most often in the mid-court where their opponent has hit the ball purposefully down the middle of the court in an attempt to surprise the player. That tactic, by the way, can bring a few easy points in a match if you use it sparingly. Often, the rally continues as the player is able to hit the ball but without much control. However, in the example below, Daryl Selby manages to do more than “just” hit it!

Off The Back Wall

The second way, and this is mostly Mohamed El Shorbagy, is after the ball has hit the back wall. Contact with the ball is made quite low to the ground and he often hits a winner from it. Here are three examples.

Should Club Players Try It?

Absolutely! Why Not? Squash should be fun and playing this shot is fun. However, practice it a little alone first, because you need to be able to have some control over the ball otherwise it might be dangerous. And yes, you can practice it. Just stand in front of the short line and aim a shot between your legs, then hit the tweener and see if you can direct it to your forehand so that you can keep alternating the shots; tweener, forehand, tweener, forehand etc.

Want To See More Tweeners?

A quick search on YouTube for Squash Tweeners brings quite a few results. Go watch them for more inspiration.

Final Thoughts

he foundation of great squash is deep shots, followed by probing, attacking shots, but that doesn’t mean players can’t get creative, and the tweener in squash is one of those ways. Give it a try and if you manage to do it in a match rally you’ll be smiling all day!

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