Racketware Sensor

RacketWare's Sensor accurately measures your swings and your shots. It is a way for you to record the angles and speed of you racket on impact with the ball.

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The first thing I want to tell you is that all the information in the article is out of date! WHAT! But don’t worry, the basics are still as true now as they were when I tested the sensor. The difference is that version 2 is now available from their website racketware.co.uk. So things are even better.

Some examples of the information presented in the app

Not the best scores, but at least I have objective data to work with

Let’s Start With The Basics

The sensor fits onto the bottom of your racket. You need to fixed a “dock” that goes under your grip. Racketware provides a grip in the box, so there’s no wasted grips. Once the dock is in place, you then attach the sensor to it. Fear not, it’s a very firm attachment and will not come off in play. You can also purchase extra docks to fit on other rackets, making it easy to switch the sensor between rackets.

The sensor itself weighs about the same as a grip and it does change the balance of the racket ever so slightly. Version 2 is lighter than version one, but even version 1 wasn’t a problem. I like head light rackets, so that helped. If you prefer head heavy rackets then it will have an effect, how much I can’t say as that depends on the weight of your racket. Just bear that in mind before purchasing.

You download a free app to your phone or tablet, which is available for both Apple and Android devices, which connects to your sensor. The sensor can record the data and transfer it to your device later if you don’t have your device with you when playing – so don’t worry about having to have your phone in your pocket when playing – you don’t!

A promotional image for RacketWare

Want to hit the perfect nick? Me too!

What Does It Do?

The sensor records all the details of your swing in a 3D model, that is presented to you in an easy-to-understand graph. It overlays lots of swings of the same shot so you can see how consistent your swing is. You can even compare you swing to a professional player and try to emulate their swing. It does more than that though. It can tell you the average length of your rallies, a great metric for gauging your match fitness and skill, it tell you where on the court your winners are coming from, where you make the most mistakes. In short, it tells you everything you need to know about your game, both technically and tactically, to get better. And getting better is what this website is all about!

Another promotional imae for Racketware

The data is presented in easy-to-understand-ways

Should You Buy One?

Can you afford it? At the time of this article, it costs 149 Pounds. Certainly not cheap, but compared to many electronic items nowadays not overpriced either. If I were playing competitive squash and looking to improve my game, hopefully in collaboration with a coach, then yes, I would buy one.

But like all tools, it’s how you use it. If you buy one, make sure you take the time to learn to use it fully. Take the data it provides and apply it to your game.

Here is my review

ABOVE: My review of the sensor.

ABOVE: There's also this interview with its creator.

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