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Recent Articles

All articles are short and easy-to-read. They are suitable for all standards and levels of experience, with a focus on practical tips and suggestions. Here are the latest 10 articles:

Use Shadow Swings In Your Heat Up
What Is A Rally Reset Shot In Squash?
Pay Attention To The Distance Between You And The Ball
How Often Do You Hit The Ball Deep From Deep?
My 7 Maxims Of Squash: 2023 Edition
Give 100% From The Beginning
Your Swing: Prepare Early And Prepare Consistently
Effective Counter Drops: Why Playing A Drop Shot Off A Drop Shot Is Often The Best Strategy
Pay Attention To Your Point Of Contact With The Ball
There's More To Being A Professional Squash Player Than Playing Great Squash
The Role of Mindset in Squash Performance

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YouTube Videos

Seeing something explained can save so much time and effort. My videos include solo practice drills, match-playing tips and explainers about skill and technique.

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Video Analysis

Send me a recording of you playing a competitive match and I do a "live recording analysis". I will explain what you need to do to improve and give you easy-to-understand, actionable points.

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"Phillip’s match analysis is pure gold. It is jam packed with actionable insights and his commentary is entertaining to boot. The product way exceeded my expectations!"
Michael, USA - March 2023

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