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When You Practice Next, Do Something Silly

I watched a father and son practice a few years ago and it was very interesting to watch. For most of the time they were doing silly shots while chatting.

When You Practice Next, Do Something Silly

When I say silly shots they were not trying to hit everything hard and perfectly accurate. They were experimenting with angles and speeds and bounces.

This can be a very valuable lesson for younger players who are often told (notice that word: told!) to hit the ball hard and to the back. I’m not saying that is bad advice but sport should be fun and pupils should learn THROUGH sport.

This kind of activity can be useful for all ages and every now and again you can find an idea that translates into match play.

Perhaps you started hitting really high, slow and tight drives to the back and suddenly realized how effective they can be as a defensive shot.

Or maybe it’s a different kind of boast.

What I am suggesting is the practice can be fun too and should be seen as a hard session.

In fact, I often finish my solo sessions with some sill shots just to finish the routine on a fun note.

Try it, you may find a new shot.

Oh and that father and son were both exceptional players, in fact both were or are professionals! Footwork: