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Resistance Bands

One of the most versatile pieces of equipment is the resistance band. It’s inexpensive, easy to carry and can be used for a huge range of exercises.

Resistance Bands

There are three main types of resistance bands: short closed loops; often used for the legs, tubular bands; often with handles and can sometimes be used in different resistance combinations and plain old narrow sheets.

I am not going to be discussing the advantages and disadvantages of each type or even suggesting which exercises you should do.

All I want to do with this article is encourage you to try them.

Squash players need power and agility and while using weights won’t cause you to become “muscle-bound”, having a better way to get or stay strong is always preferable.

Resistance bands allow you to use the full range of motion at speeds that won’t injury you but reflect what happens on court.

They allow you to use them as part of your warm up or training and even for stretching.

The problem is that they seem to have had bad press in that they are seen by men as only used by women or you won’t be able to build muscle mass.

Both are misconceptions but squash players don’t want or need muscle mass anyway!

Being able to use them almost anywhere is a great feature and I remember a few years ago using them in Heathrow’s Terminal 3 lounge while getting a few funny looks, but I managed to get a short workout while I waited for my delayed flight.

For less than 10 Pounds, Euros or Dollars you can buy a piece of equipment that could improve your squash.

I challenge you to buy a set and use them for one month.