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My objective is to help as many squash players as possible, that's why I have the "Translate" and "Share" links at the top of every page. Allowing users to translate the articles into the language of their choice and share them among their friends and groups is great, but I would like to allow users to distribute the articles as wide as possible.

Therefore, I give permission for my articles to be republished in any format or media under the following circumstances:

1. No changes to the English text are allowed without my prior permission. You can remove the images, unless they related directly to the article, for example graphs explaining the point.

2. You must attribute me, Phillip Marlowe, as the author.

3. If you republish online, you must link back to the original article on

4. If you republish in print, you must include the phrase "This article was originally published on" or its translation.

5. You can translate the article to any language, making any changes you feel necessary, without changing the overall idea.

6. You must inform me of any republication, either before or within one month of its release.

7. You must not sell the article individually or as a group, unless it constitutes a very small part of your website, magazine or publication.

8. I reserve the right to deny future publication of any or all articles from outlets if I deem them to be misusing my articles.

Those rules seem fair to me. I am even allowing you to republish in publications that are sold.

If you have any questions or comments about republication, please contact me at the email address in the footer.


To my knowledge, my articles have been republished int he following places:

+ Squash Player magazine

+ Control the T newsletter

+ Centurion Junior Squash website

Have you seen my articles anywhere? Please let me know.

Final Thoughts

The more squash players who read my articles and watch my videos, the better. Please help me spread my knowledge and experience by sharing my articles and videos with your friends and even enemies! Thank you.

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