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Video-based coaching.

"Not everybody is lucky enough to have access to an on-court coach."


This service makes it easy to have your game analysed, both technically AND tactically.  All from the comfort of your home!  You record yourself playing, send it to me and I analyse it and send a video back, showing how to improve.  When you are ready to start or if you have any questions, email me: [email protected].


1. Record

Record yourself playing a serious match. Try to get as much of the court in as possible.  A smartphone can be used or even an action camera (avoid very wide-angles if possible as they distort the lens making it harder to see distances and movement).  Use a court with a glass backwall, if possible.

Experiment to get the best recording!

2. Send

Either upload it as an unlisted or private YouTube video or host it on a service (like for me to download.  Passsword protect it, if you want to.  Send me the link (and password) to [email protected] You don't need to edit it.

Send a link of the recording to me.

3. Wait

Expect to hear from me within 24 hours confirming delivery date of full feedback.
I usually send the full feedback within a week.  Keep training and playing while you wait!

Now you just have to be a little patient.

4. Watch/Read

I will send you a link to an unlisted YouTube video.  Only you have the link.  You can share it if you want to.
Watch the video, multiple times if needed to make sure you understand what you need to work on.
Refer to the PDF feedback sheet if your package includes one.

Take the time to watch & read carefully.

5. Ask

If after watching and reading the feedback I have provided you still have questions or doubts, contact me for clarification.  I will respond in the most appropriate way, which could include another short video or more likely a text reply to your email.  If you chose the FULL package, we can chat on Skype if you want to.

Please ask, if you have any doubts.

6. Implement & Improve!

The easy part is over.  Now, it is time for hard work.
My feedback is structured to show you the 3 most important aspects to focus on and HOW to do that.
There will also be side-items for you work on if you have the time and motivation.

It is at this point you pay via PayPal.


I currently offer two packages.  If you have a specialised requirement, please feel free to contact me and we can discuss the details.

Prices and packages updated March 2020



Send a 3-minute unedited video*
10-minute video reply**
PDF feedback summary



Send a 10-minute unedited video*
30-minute video reply**
PDF feedback summary

* Unedited means you do not remove the time between points.  I use this time to talk about the previous rally.  However, if the time is longer than usual or a break between games, you can either edited it out or just don't count it towards the total time of the video.
** This is an approximate time.  I don't limit myself to this length and most replies last a little longer.


Here are the most commonly asked questions.  If you have others please feel free to contact me and I will do my best to answer them.


The service provided by Phillip helped me see rapid improvement in my game.
He provided very clear analysis of both the things I'm doing well and the things I need to improve.
He walked me through a number of drills I can do on my own to target my weaknesses.
In the month since I received my coaching video my player rating has steadily risen, and I feel much more confident on court.
I'm sure I wouldn't have had this success if I hadn't used his service. I highly recommend Coach Phillip.

Henry Holderness, March 2020.

Henry Holderness Testimonial

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