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Name Link Tags
Farag, AliFacebookPlayer, Man, Egypt
El Shorbagy, MohamedFacebookPlayer, Man, Egypt
Momen, TarekTwitterPlayer, Man, Egypt
Abdel Gawad, KarimTwitterPlayer, Man, New Zealand
Paul CollTwitterPlayer, Female, Egypt
El Welily, RaneemFacebookPlayer, Female, Egypt
El Sherbini, NourFacebookPlayer, Female, Egypt
El Tayeb, NourTwitterPlayer, Female, France
Serme, CamilleFacebookPlayer, Female, Egypt
Gohar, NouranTwitterPlayer, Female, Egypt
BetterSquashYouTubeCoaching, Ind
PSA Squash TVYouTubeMatches
The Pursuit of SquashYouTubeCoaching, Ind
Squash AnalysisYouTubeCoaching
Infinitum SquashYouTubeCoaching
Squash SourceYouTubeNews
The Squash SiteWebsiteNews
Squash SourceWebsiteCoaching
Squash PointWebsiteCoaching
Improve SquashWebsiteNews
Squash Sub-RedditWebsiteCoaching
Start SquashWebsiteEnglish, Org
PSA World TourWebsiteEnglish
World SquashWebsiteEnglish, Coaching
The Pursuit of SquashWebsiteEnglish, Coaching
World Squash DayWebsiteEnglish
Complete SquashInstagramEnglish
Global Squash CoachWebsiteEnglish
Global Squash CoachYouTubeChina, Coaching
Elite SquashWebsiteEnglish, App
SquashGeekWebsiteNat, Fed
Argentina Squash FederationWebsiteNat, Fed
Australia Squash FederationWebsiteNat, Fed
Austria Squash FederationWebsiteNat, Fed
Bangaladesh Squash FederationWebsiteNat, Fed
Barbados Squash FederationWebsiteNat, Fed
Belgium Squash FederationWebsiteNat, Fed
Bermuda Squash FederationWebsiteNat, Fed
Botswana Squash FederationWebsiteNat, Fed
Brazil Squash FederationWebsiteNat, Fed
British Virgin Islands Squash FederationWebsiteNat, Fed
Canada Squash FederationWebsiteNat, Fed
Cayman Islands Squash FederationWebsiteNat, Fed
Chile Squash FederationWebsiteNat, Fed
Chinese Taipei Squash FederationWebsiteNat, Fed
Colombia Squash FederationWebsiteNat, Fed
Cook Islands Squash FederationWebsiteNat, Fed
Croatia Squash FederationWebsiteNat, Fed
Cyprus Squash FederationWebsiteNat, Fed
Czech Republic Squash FederationWebsiteNat, Fed
Denmark Squash FederationWebsiteNat, Fed
Ecuador Squash FederationWebsiteNat, Fed
Egypt Squash FederationWebsiteNat, Fed
El Salvador Squash FederationWebsiteNat, Fed
England Squash FederationWebsiteNat, Fed
Estonia Squash FederationWebsiteNat, Fed
Fiji Squash FederationWebsiteNat, Fed
Finland Squash FederationWebsiteNat, Fed
France Squash FederationWebsiteNat, Fed
Germany Squash FederationWebsiteNat, Fed
Gibraltar Squash FederationWebsiteNat, Fed
Hong Kong Squash FederationWebsiteNat, Fed
Hungary Squash FederationWebsiteNat, Fed
Iceland Squash FederationWebsiteNat, Fed
India Squash FederationWebsiteNat, Fed
Iran Squash FederationWebsiteNat, Fed
Ireland Squash FederationWebsiteNat, Fed
Isle of Man Squash FederationWebsiteNat, Fed
Israel Squash FederationWebsiteNat, Fed
Italy Squash FederationWebsiteNat, Fed
Jamaica Squash FederationWebsiteNat, Fed
Japan Squash FederationWebsiteNat, Fed
Jordan Squash FederationWebsiteNat, Fed
Kenya Squash FederationWebsiteNat, Fed
Korea Squash FederationWebsiteNat, Fed
Kuwait Squash FederationWebsiteNat, Fed
Latvia Squash FederationWebsiteNat, Fed
Liechtenstein Squash FederationWebsiteNat, Fed
Luxembourg Squash FederationWebsiteNat, Fed
Macedonia Squash FederationWebsiteNat, Fed
Malaysia Squash FederationWebsiteNat, Fed
Malta Squash FederationWebsiteNat, Fed
Mauritius Squash FederationWebsiteNat, Fed
Mexico Squash FederationWebsiteNat, Fed
Monaco Squash FederationWebsiteNat, Fed
Montenegro Squash FederationWebsiteNat, Fed
Nepal Squash FederationWebsiteNat, Fed
Netherlands Squash FederationWebsiteNat, Fed
New Zealand Squash FederationWebsiteNat, Fed
Norway Squash FederationWebsiteNat, Fed
Pakistan Squash FederationWebsiteNat, Fed
Paraguay Squash FederationWebsiteNat, Fed
Peru Squash FederationWebsiteNat, Fed
Philippines Squash FederationWebsiteNat, Fed
Poland Squash FederationWebsiteNat, Fed
Portugal Squash FederationWebsiteNat, Fed
Qatar Squash FederationWebsiteNat, Fed
Russia Squash FederationWebsiteNat, Fed
Saudi Squash FederationWebsiteNat, Fed
Scotland Squash FederationWebsiteNat, Fed
Serbia Squash FederationWebsiteNat, Fed
Singapore Squash FederationWebsiteNat, Fed
Slovakia Squash FederationWebsiteNat, Fed
Slovenia Squash FederationWebsiteNat, Fed
South Africa Squash FederationWebsiteNat, Fed
Spain Squash FederationWebsiteNat, Fed
Sri Lanka Squash FederationWebsiteNat, Fed
St Vincent & The Grenadines Squash FederationWebsiteNat, Fed
Sweden Squash FederationWebsiteNat, Fed
Switzerland Squash FederationWebsiteNat, Fed
Trinidad & Tobago Squash FederationWebsiteNat, Fed
Ukraine Squash FederationWebsiteNat, Fed
Uruguay Squash FederationWebsiteNat, Fed
USA Squash FederationWebsiteNat, Fed
Wales Squash FederationWebsiteOrg, UK
Squash InfoWebsiteOrg, UK
Squash LibraryWebsiteOrg, UK
Squash LibraryFacebookOrg, UK
Squash LibraryTwitterEquipment, UK, App
RacketWareWebsiteEquipment, UK, App
RacketWareFacebookEquipment, UK, App
RacketWareTwitterReg, Fed, Canada
Squash YukonWebsiteReg, Fed, Canada
NWT SquashWebsiteReg, Fed, Canada
Squash British ColumbiaWebsiteReg, Fed, Canada
Squash AlbertaWebsiteReg, Fed, Canada
Saskatchewan SquashWebsiteReg, Fed, Canada
Squash ManitobaWebsiteReg, Fed, Canada
Squash OntarioWebsiteReg, Fed, Canada
Squash QuebecWebsiteReg, Fed, Canada
Squash New BrunswickWebsiteReg, Fed, Canada
Squash Nova ScotiaWebsiteReg, Fed, Canada
Squash NewfoundlandWebsiteReg, Fed, Canada
Squash P.E.I.WebsiteClub, UK
Disley Amalgamated Sports ClubWebsiteOrg, Canada
Squash RevolutionWebsiteEvent, UK
Canary Warf Squash ClassicWebsiteEquipment, UK
Blade SquashWebsiteReg, Fed, Australia
Squash VictoriaWebsiteReg, Fed, USA
New Mexico Squash Racquets AssociationWebsiteNat, Fed, US
Malta Squash AssociationFacebookOrg, UK, Coaching
SquashSkillsWebsiteOrg, App
Inside SquashWebsiteWebsite
Boss SquashWebsiteWebsite
Nicol SquashWebsiteOrg, USA
Squash NavarroWebsiteReg, Fed, Spain
Avon County AssociationWebsiteNat, Fed,
Bedfordshire County AssociationWebsiteReg, Fed, UK
Berkshire County AssociationWebsiteReg, Fed, UK
Buckinghamshire County AssociationWebsiteReg, Fed, UK
Cambridgeshire County AssociationWebsiteReg, Fed, UK
Cheshire County AssociationWebsiteReg, Fed, UK
Cornwall County AssociationWebsiteReg, Fed, UK
Cumbria County AssociationWebsiteReg, Fed, UK
Derbyshire County AssociationWebsiteReg, Fed, UK
Devon County AssociationWebsiteReg, Fed, UK
Dorset County AssociationWebsiteReg, Fed, UK
Durham & Cleveland County AssociationWebsiteReg, Fed, UK
Essex County AssociationWebsiteReg, Fed, UK
Gloucestershire County AssociationWebsiteReg, Fed, UK
Hampshire County AssociationWebsiteReg, Fed, UK
Herefordshire County AssociationWebsiteReg, Fed, UK
Hertfordshire County AssociationWebsiteReg, Fed, UK
Kent County AssociationWebsiteReg, Fed, UK
Lancashire County AssociationWebsiteReg, Fed, UK
Leicestershire County AssociationWebsiteReg, Fed, UK
Lincolnshire County AssociationWebsiteReg, Fed, UK
Merseyside County AssociationWebsiteReg, Fed, UK
Middlesex County AssociationWebsiteReg, Fed, UK
Norfolk County AssociationWebsiteReg, Fed, UK
Northamptonshire County AssociationWebsiteReg, Fed, UK
Northumbria County AssociationWebsiteReg, Fed, UK
Nottinghamshire County AssociationWebsiteReg, Fed, UK
Oxfordshire County AssociationWebsiteReg, Fed, UK
Shropshire County AssociationWebsiteReg, Fed, UK
Somerset County AssociationWebsiteReg, Fed, UK
Staffordshire County AssociationWebsiteReg, Fed, UK
Suffolk County AssociationWebsiteReg, Fed, UK
Surrey County AssociationWebsiteReg, Fed, UK
Sussex County AssociationWebsiteReg, Fed, UK
Warwickshire County AssociationWebsiteReg, Fed, UK
Wiltshire County AssociationWebsiteReg, Fed, UK
Worcestershire County AssociationWebsiteReg, Fed, UK
Yorkshire County AssociationWebsiteReg, Fed, UK
Federación Andaluza de SquashWebsiteReg, Fed, Spain
Federación Canaria de SquashWebsiteReg, Fed, Spain
Federación Cántabra de SquashWebsiteReg, Fed, Spain
Federación Catalana de SquashWebsiteReg, Fed, Spain
Federación Gallega de SquashWebsiteReg, Fed, Spain
Federación Madrileña de SquashWebsiteReg, Fed, Spain
Delegación Navarra de SquashWebsiteReg, Fed, Spain
Federación Vasca de SquashWebsiteReg, Fed, Spain
Federación Squash Comunidad ValencianaWebsiteReg, Fed, Spain
Deleg.Squash Castilla La ManchaWebsiteReg, Fed, Spain
Federación Squash Castilla y LeónWebsiteReg, Fed, Spain
Federación de Squash MurciaWebsiteReg, Fed, Spain
European SquashWebsiteAPP, Coaching, Australia
Squash LabWebsiteClub, UK
Bristol Lawn Tennis & Squash ClubWebsiteClub, UK
Keynsham Squash ClubWebsiteClub, UK
Kingsdown & Horfield Squash ClubWebsiteClub, UK
Welsh Back Squash and Health ClubWebsiteClub, UK
Aldermaston Squash Club,WebsiteClub, UK
Caversham Health & Fitness,WebsiteClub, UK
Charters Leisure CentreWebsiteClub, UK
Reading University Squash ClubWebsiteClub, UK
South Reading Leisure Squash ClubWebsiteClub, UK
The Prudential Ibis ClubWebsiteClub, UK
Aylesbury Tennis & Squash ClubWebsiteClub, UK
Bisham Abbey Squash ClubWebsiteClub, UK
Wycombe Squash & Racketball ClubWebsiteClub, UK
Chesham Bois Lawn Tennis and Squash ClubWebsiteClub, UK
Holmer Green Squash & Racketball ClubWebsiteClub, UK
Gerrards Cross Squash ClubWebsiteClub, UK
Cambridge Squash ClubWebsiteClub, UK
Portugal Place Squash ClubWebsiteClub, UK
St. Ivo Raquets ClubWebsiteClub, UK
Bowdon Squash ClubWebsiteClub, UK
Grove Park Squash ClubWebsiteClub, UK
West Cheshire SquashWebsiteClub, UK
Warrington Sports ClubWebsiteClub, UK
Jersey Squash ClubWebsiteClub, UK
Carlisle Squash ClubFacebookClub, UK
Kendel Squash ClubWebsiteClub, UK
Devon & Exeter Squash ClubWebsiteClub, Netherlands
G.S.S.V. SquadraatWebsiteClub, Netherlands
G.S.S.V. SquadraatFacebookClub, Netherlands
G.S.S.V. SquadraatInstagramClub, UK
Tavistock Squash ClubWebsiteClub, UK
Ashbourne Squash ClubWebsiteClub, UK
Duffield Squash ClubWebsiteClub, UK
West Hants L.T.C.WebsiteClub, UK
Aycliffe Squash ClubWebsiteClub, UK
Yarm Squash ClubWebsiteClub, UK
Clements Squash ClubWebsiteClub, UK
Dursley Squash ClubWebsiteClub, UK
East Gloucestershire Squash and Tennis ClubWebsiteClub, UK
Riverside Sports and Leisure ClubWebsiteClub, UK
Tewkesbury Squash CentreWebsiteClub, UK
Wycliffe College Squash ClubTwitterClub, UK
Cumberland lawn Tennis ClubWebsiteClub, UK
Berkhamsted Lawn Tennis & Squash Rackets ClubWebsiteCoaching, UK
Best AcademyWebsiteCoaching, Canada
Serious SquashWebsiteApp
Squash LeaguesWebsiteClub, Turks & Caicos
Graceway SportsWebsiteApp
Squash levelsWebsiteEquipment, Canada
Squash CannonWebsiteClub, USA
Squash on FireWebsiteOrg, Ireland
Munster SquashWebsiteClub, UK
Clements Squash ClubWebsiteClub, UK
Colchester Squash ClubFacebookClub, UK
Epping Squash ClubWebsiteClub, UK
Lexden Rackets & Fitness ClubWebsiteClub, UK
Marconi Squash ClubWebsiteClub, UK
Palmer's Sports and Fitness CentreWebsiteClub, UK
Park Drive Squash & FitnessWebsiteClub, UK
Redbridge Sports & LeisureFacebookClub, UK
Redbridge Sports & LeisureWebsiteClub, UK
Wick Lodge Squash ClubWebsiteClub, UK
Franklin Squash Racquets ClubWebsiteClub, New Zealand
Just SquashWebsiteRetailer, UK
Squash HQWebsiteCoaching, Retailer
Stealth RacketsWebsiteEquipment, UK, China
Squash ClubWebsiteOrg, Coaching
Strings AttachedWebsiteRetailer, USA
Alverstoke Lawn Tennis, Squash & Badminton ClubWebsiteClub, UK
Bounty Squash ClubWebsiteClub, UK
Fleming Park Squash ClubFacebookClub, UK
Lee-on-the-Solent Tennis, Squash and Fitness ClubWebsiteClub, UK
Trojans Squash & RacketballWebsiteClub, UK
Portsmouth Grammar School Sports ClubWebsiteClub, UK
Totton Squash & Racketball ClubFacebookClub, UK
Winchester Racquets and FitnessWebsiteClub, UK
Hereford Squash, Tennis & Racketball CentreWebsiteClub, UK
Aldred Squash ClubWebsiteClub, UK
Lob To His BackhandWebsiteClub, UK
Edmonston Squash ClubWebsiteClub, Canada
Squash in ThailandWebsiteOrg, Thailand
Squash VoyageWebsiteOrg, Switzerland
Boldon Cricket & Squash ClubWebsiteClub, UK
Squash In The VeinsWebsiteCoaching, Egypt
MS SquashWebsiteCoaching, USA
The Racket SurgeryWebsiteRestringing, UK
UK Racket Stringers AssociationWebsiteOrg, Restringing, UK
Squash FitnessWebsiteOrg, UK
Squash Fit (Polish)WebsiteClub, Poland
Squash Fit (UK)WebsiteOrg, UK
Racket SpecialistWebsiteRestringing, Greece
Solihull Racket RestringingWebsiteRestringing, UK
Squash ExpertWebsiteCoaching, Reviews, UK
Complete RestringingWebsiteRestringing, UK
Advance SquashWebsiteCoaching, UK
Racket Restringing ChesterWebsiteRestringing, UK
Squash At SpeedWebsiteCoaching, UK
Squash Gear ReviewsWebsiteReviews, UK
Racket SpecWebsiteRestringing, UK
European Racquet Stringers AssociationWebsiteOrg, Restringing, UK
Rapid RacquetWebsiteRestringing, UK
Racket Shop (UK)WebsiteRetailer, Restringing, UK
String DoctorWebsiteRestringing, Ind, UK
Sobhy CoachingWebsiteOrg, Coach, USA
International Federation of RacketlonWebsiteOrg, Switzerland
International Federation of RacketlonInstagramOrg, Switzerland
Dave GilesWebsiteRestringing, Coach, Ind, UK
My-SquashWebsiteRetailer, France
Margaux SquashWebsiteInd, Coach, Spain
Glaucio NovackTwitterCoach, Ind, Brazil
Crowwood LeisureWebsiteClub, UK
Brunswick Varsity CourtWebsiteClub, USA
Essex Junior SquashWebsiteOrg, UK
Brackley Squash ClubWebsiteClub, UK
Squash MatchWebsiteOrg, UK
Squash FlashWebsiteOrg, NORTH/SOUTH AMERICA
Squash FlashFacebookOrg, NORTH/SOUTH AMERICA
Squash WordWebsiteInd, USA
Squash Player MagazineWebsiteMagazine
Squash PicsWebsiteInd, UK
Racket GamesWebsiteOrg, UK
Spirit of SquashWebsiteOrg, UK
MyyrSquashWebsiteClub, Finland
MyyrSquashTwitterClub, Finland
MyyrSquashFacebookClub, Finland
The Show CourtWebsiteOrg
The Show CourtFacebookOrg
The Show CourtInstagramOrg
Cross Court AnalyticsWebsiteOrg, UK
Cross Court AnalyticsFacebookOrg, UK
Cross Court AnalyticsTwitterOrg, UK
Racket DynamicsWebsiteRetailer, Canada
Evergreen Squash Club of West VancouverWebsiteClub, Canada
Evergreen Squash Club of West VancouverFacebookClub, Canada
Evergreen Squash Club of West VancouverTwitterClub, Canada
Steve Pratt SquashWebsiteCoaching, Org, UK
Rod GilmourWebsiteInd, UK
Racquet SocialWebsiteOrg
Original SportsWebsiteRetailer, UK
Clement Squash ClubWebsiteClub, UK
Clement Squash ClubFaceBookClub, UK
Clement Squash ClubTwitterClub, UK
BO5WebsiteOrg, App, Poland
Racket StringerWebsiteRestringer, UK
Racket StringerFacebookRestringer, UK
Racket StringerTwitterRestringing, UK
Bridge of Allan Sports ClubWebsiteClub, UK
Bridge of Allan Sports ClubFacebookClub, UK
Bridge of Allan Sports ClubTwitterClub, UK
Berkhamsted Elite Squash TrainingWebsiteOrg, Coaching, UK
Berkhamsted Elite Squash TrainingFacebookOrg, Coaching, UK
Berkhamsted Elite Squash TrainingTwitterOrg, Coaching, UK
Squash SmartsWebsiteOrg, Coaching, USA
Squash SmartsFacebookOrg, Coaching, USA
Squash SmartsTwitterOrg, Coaching, USA
Smart RacquetWebsiteRestringing, UK
Squash FitFacebookOrg, Coaching, UK
Squash FitFacebookOrg, Coaching, UK
Squash FitTwitterOrg, Coaching, UK
Squash FitInstagramOrg, Coaching, UK
Name Link Tags

Usage Guide and Table Notes

If you have any questions, suggestions or doubts, please contact me at



Name This is the name of the person, club, website, Org or event etc. Individuals are listed by family name then first name.
This column can be reordered alphabetically.
Link and Type This is the link to the resource and the type of link it is. Possible types include: Facebook, Twitter, Website, Instagram and YouTube.
This column can be reordered alphabetically based on the actual URL link address, NOT the title.
Tags This is the most useful field for searching and filtering. Simply enter the type of link you want and the list will be filtered. You can even re-order the results. Tags used arelisted below.

*I used "man and "Female" because if I had used "Male" and "female" or "Man" and "Woman", search for "Male" or "Man" would have displayed "Woman" and "Female".

Player: A professional player
Man: A professional male player
Female: A professional female player
Event: Event; tournaments, championships, exhibtions, charity etc
Fed: A federation
Nat: A national organisation
Reg: A regional/provincial organisation
App: An app for mobile and tablet devices
Org: An organisation, including coaching academies etc
Equipment: An equipment manufacturer
Ind: An individual connected with squash
Club: A club, either with dedicated facilities or within a public centre.
Coach: A coach or trainer
Retailer: A shop, both real and ecommerce, including sites with affliate links.
UK, USA etc: The abbreviation or full name of the country where the link is based
Restringing: Connected with restringing rackets


I woke up one morning and had an idea for a website in my head, so I built it.  It was really a site with a random generator to visit squash-related websites.  To do that I needed a simple list of sites, which I added in a list page.

It then became clear that the real value of the site was the actual link list.  Instead of having three simple lists; Players, YouTube channels and Websites, if I created a filterable and orderable list, that would be much more useful.

I originally thought that I would separate the list and random generator into two websites, but the "Discover Squash" name was so versatile that I deciced to keep the list and random generator on one page/site.

Then in early 2020, it became clear that there was very little interest from the squash community and I decided to spend the time on other projects.

Therefore, this site is no longer updated and its features removed, leaving just the plain table you see apove.

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