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100 Squash Articles in 100 Consecutive Days

I am very pleased to say that I have written 100 squash articles in 100 consecutive days (not including this one).

100 Squash Articles in 100 Consecutive Days

I didn’t publicly announce this as my goal, but I did have this in mind when I started back on 2nd May 2022. I had written plenty of articles before, but not more than about 10 on consecutive days. Overall, I would say it’s been a positive experience for me. I am generally 2 or 3 days in front, except when I was in hospital to have my hip replaced. For those days I had prepared 10 days worth of articles and had the system scheduled to post one per day.

I like to think that most of the articles are okay – you may disagree! Some are good and one or two might even be great, but I am sure there are some stinkers (terrible, very bad) in there too. Nowadays, most people want short, to-the-point videos, and those are a great way to educate and communicate, but I also feel that sitting down somewhere quiet and reading is also a very effective way to gain new understanding and learn something helpful.

The lesson here for you as a squash player, or any sports player really, is that setting a goal and keeping it private can be a really motivating factor. I chose something hat I thought was Specific (publish one squash article per day), Measurable (I could easily see if I did that) Attainable (about 30 minutes to an hour per day), Relevant (I can’t make videos at the moment, but I still want to help you improve your squash) and Timed-based (100 days – easy!). Astute readers may notice the SMART goals system, which I will write about more in the future.

I try to ensure that the range of articles covers all standards, but also different aspects of squash. I also plan to mine the incredibly depth of wisdom from all the vintage squash books IU have as well as explore more non-coaching aspects too. As always if you have any questions about squash you would like to ask me, just send an email and I’ll try to schedule an article about it.

Fingers crossed for another 100 squash articles in 100 consecutive days!

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