Video Analysis, Solo Routines Membership and Video Chat.

In addition to writing articles and creating videos for my YouTube channel, I also offer some paid services. Read on to find out more.


Solo Routines Membership

Starting in January 2024, I will be offering Solo Routine Membership.

You will receive a new 30/40 minute solo routine delivered to your inbox every month. The email will contain the solo drill routine attached as an A4 PDF Sheet; ready to print and use. The sheet will have a QR code to an unlisted video, which will demonstrate each drill and highlight one key focus element.

The cost for the full year is 25 Euros. You can join at any time within the year and receive all the previous months' routines of that year.

The page contains a sample PDF routine and explainer video from December 2023

Visit the Solo Routines Membership page for full details.

Video Analysis

You send me a recording of a competitive match and I do a "live recording analysis", which normally last about 15 minutes. The best type of matches to send me are the very close ones or the ones you lose. I can perform the analysis on friendly matches, but the opponent must be of equal standard.

Use a transfer service like WeTransfer to send me the video or link to an online video. If the video is longer than 5 minutes, let me know the start time you want me to analyse from.

During the analysis recording I talk about tactical and technical aspects of your game, pausing the video to highlight my points.

I post the video on my YouTube channel and make it unlisted, so only you can find and see it.

When you are ready to start or if you have any questions, email me. I will reply and give you an estimated delivery date.


Option 1: 5-minute recording

25 Euros (Analysis video is 15-20 minutes)

Option 2: Custom

Send me a complete game or match and I will send you the price.

Visit the Video Analysis page for full details.

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I am a squash coach with nearly 40 years experience, teaching complete beginners through to professionals.

Currently, I call myself an "online squash coach" as I rarely coach on court.

I enjoy working with club players and strive to present information in an entertaining and engaging way.

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