How Hard Should I Hit The Squash Ball?

It can be very tempting to want to hit the squash ball as hard as you can. The sound it makes and the feeling you get seem to make it worthwhile, but you need to ask yourself “What benefit did it bring?”. Unless you can hit the ball hard AND accurately, you might be better to hit with less speed.

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Hitting the ball hard in squash requires great timing. Timing is not about being strong, it’s about using the right muscles at the right time. This skill takes practice and probably coaching.

Two professional squash plaeyrs hitting the ball very hard

Another issue to consider is that hitting the squash ball hard or even trying to hit the ball hard could be dangerous. You might hit somebody, either with the ball or your racket.

I don’t want you to think I am telling you not to hit the ball hard. I am telling you that you shouldn’t be doing it all the time when playing squash.

Remember, it will give you less time to get back into position for your opponent’s return. In fact, the speed you hit the ball, should be judged against the speed you can recovery.

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Choose your hard shot carefully: make sure you are in a good position, make sure your opponent is not near you, make sure you are choosing the shot in an attacking position, NOT a defensive one and finally make sure you don’t stand still and watch it: GET BACK TO THE T!

Big swings don’t make hard shots. A compact swing with good technique does.

When trying to hit the ball hard, do not get too close to the ball. Ideally, try to transfer your weight into the shot by taking a longer last step as you hit the ball. DO NOT over balance (keep the follow-through quite short) and keep you head still when hitting the ball. I haven’t mentioned it yet, but you should watch the ball hit your strings. This is the best advice I can offer to every single squash player.

Play squash and have fun

Study good technique, watch yourself swing in a mirror if you can’t video yourself or find a coach and do plenty of solo practice.

Final Thoughts

Do not think that hitting the ball hard will solve your problems. Often it brings different ones. Vary the speed you hit the ball and ONLY play hard shots when you are attacking.

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