Should I Buy Expensive Squash Shoes?

I often get asked “Should I Buy Expensive Squash Shoes?” and the simple answer is yes and no! The better question should be “Should I Buy Good Squash Shoes?” and the answer to that is a resounding YES!

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Having the right tee-shirt and shorts/skirt is important to ensure you look and feel great. Of course, modern materials also ensure your perform better; either by keeping you cool or by keeping you warm, depending on your needs.

The soles of some modern squash shoes

Having the right racket, grip and strings is just as important. It ensures you can use all your skills, style and guile to beat your opponent and win the match.

Using the right ball, is essential too if you want to have a squash match that is competitive, but also fun. Play with a double yellow dot that you can’t keep warm and the game becomes boring and not much fun very quickly. Player with a red dot when you don’t need to and it becomes too bouncy very quickly meaning there’s not much running involved.

For more information about using the right ball, please see my in-depth guide: USE THE RIGHT BALL!

Video Analysis

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You should also be wearing WSF approved Squash Goggles, but I will be writing about Goggles in future squash articles.

Over the years I have had expensive squash shoes and cheap squash shoes. Luckily, I have been able to adapt to what was available, but without doubt, the best shoes I had were the more expensive squash shoes.

That said, the fit is the most important aspect for me. I would rather have a pair of cheaper squash shoes that fit perfectly than a pair of expensive squash shoes that were not quite right.

A pro player reaches high to hit the ball

The expensive ones would probably last longer, but what’s the point of longevity if they are not suitable?

Nowadays, because I am only on court to make videos and maybe do some coaching, I prefer a more sturdy pair that will last me a long time. When I played competitively, I preferred lighter shoes that didn’t last as long.

Final Thoughts

My final piece of advice is to try on as many different brands as possible. You should be able to quickly tell which squash shoe brand best fits YOUR feet.

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